Airline Recommendations 2015

When you’re on top of the world, there’s no better way to experience the clouds on a plane and view the earth below than by cosing up in a real first class suite. The best allows you privacy and amenities you could never have imagined. Here is a list of the top 10 best class airline cabins in the world today … (If you want something really special – scroll down to Villiers Jet Charters – highly recommended).

10. Air France

These are not necessarily brand new planes, but Air France has decided to redecorate and refurnish the first class cabins of its old planes. The airline’s first class section accommodates only nine passengers in recliners that can fold out to become straight beds. With only eight other passengers vying for the service of the flight attendant, you can be sure that your needs will always be promptly answered.

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9. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic does not call it first class. Instead, it prefers to name the section as upper class. The upper class section indeed offers a higher brand of service when compared with the others. The airline provides its upper class passengers the widest seats possible. It also has the widest and longest beds among all the first class cabins in any airline.

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8. American Airlines

American Airlines has a flagship suite intended for power people in the world of business. The suite features seats that can swivel, thus allowing you to maximize productivity by meeting with your co-workers even as you travel. Power outlets for notebooks and smart tablets are available at each seat, along with satellite phones in case you need to get in touch with anyone in the world. The suite also has amenity kits similar to what you will get in a spa, though with all the work that can be done whilst on board, it’s doubtful you will even have a chance of using it.

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7. Air India

The first class cabins of Air India emphasize privacy. It has 12 sleeperetes that are designed to make sure that passengers are insulated from each other. Along with the flat bed comes some luxurious carpeting and a proprietary multimedia section which the airline calls the personal entertainment appliance. This intends to cover all your musical, television and cinema requirements.

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6. Air Canada

Once you get inside the first class section of Air Canada, you will immediately start wondering if you are really inside an airplane or if you just got transported to a futuristic version of your office. Aside from the flat bed, it also has ergonomic seats, outlets for your gadgets and data jacks. Still, pleasure should be combined with business, which is why there is also a first class entertainment system, featuring individual armrest screens, on demand video, DVD players and all the premium news channels that your heart desire.

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5. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways ensures the privacy of its first class passengers by providing pod-like seats. It contains everything you need, like a slide out dining table, personal monitor, outlet for your notebook and other gadgets, and even a personal satellite phone. All the basic needs are provided in the comfort of your own space, or in this case, your own pod.

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4. British Airways

The first class section of British Airways has been advertised as a private sanctuary, and the airline does not disappoint. The airline knows the value of privacy and insulates its first class passengers appropriately. It features a bed that measures six and a half feet, which is more than enough for almost everyone who is not a basketball player. It also has the now-standard power outlets and satellite phones to ensure that you are always in touch and in the loop with your friends and business colleagues. Just like a normal business day, you can cap off everything with a nice cocktail served by the airline.

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3. Emirates Airways

The country is known for it’s cutting edge buildings and architectural structures, and you can get a feel for it when you step on it’s airline. Emirates Airways has revolutionized the concept of private first class suites with a bedroom that features a comfortable bed and flat screen television. Pretty standard, you might say? Well, what about your own coat closet, vanity desk, and even a personal mini bar? This is luxury redefined, which you can further maximize by enjoying the airline’s cocktails and drinks.

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2. Etihad Airways

We’ve all heard of 24 hour butler service in hotels, but what about flying nannies in airplanes? Etihad Airways has just that, with the nannies specially trained by Norland College in England in courses in child psychology and sociology. They will serve special meals for kids and come up with activities and projects to entertain them. Flying next to a crying child on a long haul flight can be such a pain, but with trained nannies around, the experience may be alleviated.

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1. Singapore Airlines

You’ve all heard of airlines offering insulated spaces, private pods and even private bedrooms. Singapore Airlines has something that closely resembles a private apartment. It has a comfortable recliner and a static bed created by Jean Jacques Coste, a renowned yacht designer from France. That’s right, you get a chair and a bed in this first class suite. If you are traveling with someone and you want to share the private apartment, then a double bed can be made available upon request.

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