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Gigantic Chess Pieces in Teak £7,500.00

These magnificent Gigantic Chess Pieces are hand crafted in Indonesia – and made from prized sustainable teak. The long process of drying and curing this unrivalled wood ensures that it is exceptionally durable and water-resistant, suitable for year round outdoor use. The oily nature of the wood also ensures it maintains a constant sheen. The King stands at 180cm tall, with the pawns each measuring 75cm high.

Giant Chess Board in Teak £800.00

This Giant Teak Chess Board looks brilliant when laid out, it would make a great impression on any garden or lawn. This prized original Teak is from Indonesia, which is among the finest and most highly regarded in the world. The wood is cured for 2 years, and then every piece is hand made by experienced craftsmen. The Giant Teak Chess Board is not only beautiful; it is also strong and very durable. In fact teak is regarded as the toughest wood on the planet! It is particularly resistant to the elements, decay, and insects due to its thick, oily nature.

Plum Products Wildebeest Play Centre £2,474.99

This wooden framed play centre encourages outdoor play and exercise and has lots of different areas and activities for everyone to enjoy. The Wildebeest features a 5 foot play tower comprising a large play den with roll-down door, play deck, comfortable hand grips, plastic steering wheel, plastic telescope, 10 foot wave slide, rock wall with hand and foot grips, wooden apex roof, wooden barriers and bridge; a 3 foot play tower comprising a quadrant fabric roof, play den with roll-down door, climbing ramp with rope handrails, sand pit, swing and 2 seat glider.

The Bull Commercial Wooden Climbing Frame £5,061.00

Was £8,446 – Now only £5,061 – a 35% discount. The price includes woodchip, sleeper surround and installation. Rock, rung and Jacob’s ladders. Binoculars. Monkey bars. Slide. 1.52m square deck area. Upgraded 15cm x 10cm legs to both ladders. 1.4sqm Penthouse with access from Castle deck.

WorldStores 13FT Outdoor Trampoline £555.21

The WorldStores Favorit Trampoline has been made with strong and durable galvanised steel on the inside and out of the frame which will increase its durability and strengthen the rustproof element. It also includes a wide edge which helps to cover and protect the trampoline springs, which are joined to the jumping mat with triangular hooks and are made extra secure by 8 rows of stitching.

E300 Electric Scooter in Grey £559.95

The E300 electric scooter is Razor’s speediest electric scooter! Travelling up to 14mph, the environmentally-friendly electric power engages a super quiet chain driven motor. With a larger deck, frame and tyres for older teen and adult riders. The extra wide front and rear pneumatic tyres make it a speedy and comfortable ride. Up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge.

Warrior Chess Set £3,631.65

This chessboard is in a wood chess warrior theme. The peculiarity of this chess set is that more traditional elements depict the furnishing style. The statues of the characters are standing and presented in full size and every piece of the board is worked in detail. The pedestrians are represented with a crusaded shield, helmet, armour and are holding swords. The position in which they are portraited is to guard. The king and queen are the most beautiful pieces.

The Sandringham Tres Corone Chess Set £684.34

A unique and extremely high quality chess set that combines a stunning Italian chess cabinet and board with regency chess company tres corone staunton chess pieces. Supreme luxury and quality.

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