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“Sacro e Profano” by Antonio Sciacca £34,500.00

Antonio Sciacca was born in Catania May 13, 1957. Sciacca is currently Professor of painting at the Academy of Art and Restoration of Nike Catania. He Lives and works between Catania and Florence. In 1978 he was selected by the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome for the International Exhibition of Modern Art in Glasgow. Alberto Burri has also become a friend and patron of his work.

“The Geographer” after Vermeer by Massimo Tizzano £16,250.00

His paintings demand extreme hard work, very hard study, expensive materials and the application of traditional Renaissance techniques adhered to by only a handful of the world’s contemporary painters. He grinds his own colours and prepares his own supports for the paintings. The art history period and the painters he loves have been characterised by a very slow process in painting made by glazes on glazes, this gives the craftwork a precious quality.

“Ecce Homo” after Antonello da Messina by Massimo Tizzano £14,250.00

By the internationally acclaimed Artist Massimo Tizzano. One of Massimo’s paintings, a life size copy of “Supper in Emmaus” after Caravaggio sold in Milan last month for 25.000,00 euros!

“Man With The Golden Helmet” after Rembrandt by Massimo Tizzano £14,250.00

“Graffiti” is applied in Art History to works of art produced by scratching a design into a surface. In ancient times graffiti was carved on walls with a sharp object, although sometimes chalk or coal were used. The word originates from Greek graphein – meaning “to write.” Graffiti has existed since ancient times with examples dating back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

“Monnalisa Papessa Metamorphosis” by Antonio Sciacca £14,250.00

An amazing blue chip investment opportunity to acquire an original Antonio Sciacca painting. You can actually touch your investment. Take pleasure in looking at it and watch it appreciate in value over the years. Scarcity alone guarantees the investment.

“The Waternymphs And The Carpetbagger” by David Aldus U.A £14,250.00

David Aldus the artist has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists ( R.B.A ); the Royal Institute of Oils (R.O.I) and the Royal Society of Marine Artists (R.S.M.A) He has been nominated twice as a finalist in the Garrick/Milne prize exhibition held at Christies London. His work has been selected for the Discerning Eye Exhibition by art critic, Edward Lucie Smith, where all his work was sold.

“The Forgotten Hero – Trafalgar” by David Aldus £12,500.00

This truly incredible painting captures the romantic story of Collingwood, the forgotten hero at the Battle of Trafalgar. This beautiful classic painting captures the terrifying historic moment at the infamous battle of Trafalgar 1805. Collingwood is seen pictured in the centre of the painting, surrounded, on the Royal Sovereign.

Painting Of A Nude Lady £12,500.00

This imposing painting of a nude lady in the particular style of, and was almost certainly painted by, Dorothy Hepworth in her earlier period. She studied at the Slade School of Art in London and died in 1978.

Catherine de’ Medici French School 16th Century £11,610.00

Filigree painted and expressive oil painting on wood by an unknown master of the French School, 16th century. Illustrated is a portrait of Catherine de’ Medici. (Italian: Caterina de’ Medici, 13 April 1519).

“John Lennon” by Paul Karslake £12,250.00

A rare opportunity to acquire a truly stunning original Paul Karslake painting “John Lennon” by the internationally acclaimed award winning artist Paul Karslake!! One of Paul’s paintings the “Last Supper Rock and Roll” sold for £68,000

“Arcangelo Gabriel” by Diego Castro £12,000

Diego Castro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He now lives and works in Florence, Italy. He attended the Antonio Berni College of Fine Arts and many “observations” of his childhood appear in his paintings. Diego’s use of vibrant colours is distinctive to his style with the effective use of emotive colour.

“Keith Richards” by Paul Karslake £12,250.00

Paul Karslake Fellow of the Royal Society of Artists FRSA is primarily a painter. He is the brother of Jo Wood, former wife of Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones. Paul’s paintings are in high demand. Gordon Ramsay, Johnny Depp, Keith Richards, Jackie Stewart, Terry Wogan – all customers. Paul is legendary in the Art world, he was even commissioned by Swiss Air to paint one of their aircraft.

Mother of Pearl Luxury Handmade Folding Screen Room Divider £15,430.00

Designed to ornament part of a room, this magnificent folding screen depicts a serene image of cranes and an old pine tree that are amazingly inlaid with unique mother of pearl inlay techniques and raised above the surface as if carved in relief. The pine tree is a symbol of elevated consciousness and a dignified spirit and cranes represent nobility. Note, this item is made to order.

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