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Wednesday 12th November 2014

Make Money Online for University Students.

I’ve fielded a few emails from university students in the UK recently saying help! I need to make some money online now without the hassle of building a website, well here you go – I hope it’s of some help. Yes, I was in the pub with the guys again. Paul!

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Thursday 13th November 2014

Columbian Rum.

I spent a night on 20 year old Columbian rum with Atti and apple juice – I hope I’m still alive in the morning. Paul!

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Friday 14th November 2014

Dinner for the Girls.

I cooked for the girls last night; it consisted of Nantucket Bay scallops, marinated granny smith and meyer lemon vinaigrette with an excellent bottle of wine to match. Paul!

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Saturday 15th November 2014

Friday Night Cocktails.

We all hit the cocktails last night at our local gastro pub. In particular Rum Blazers, which are made from spiced rum, Grand Marnier, cinnamon dust and then set alight. Needless to say, I’m nursing a sore head this morning. Paul!

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Sunday 16th November 2014

My Top Ten Beautiful Girls by Country.

I’ve been asked to give my views on the Women I’ve encountered during my travels around the globe. Everyone has different tastes so I hope I don’t offend anyone here – this is just my personal opinion. Paul!

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Monday 17th November 2014

Website Traffic.

I’ve had a few emails recently regarding website traffic, what is it and how do you achieve it. This brief video blog covers some basics. Paul!

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Tuesday 18th November 2014

Heading Back to South East Asia.

I’m afraid there could be some radio silence shortly, We’re all heading back to South East Asia, long haul. I own a small boutique hotel there and I need to check that things are running smoothly. No doubt the girls will top up their tans and eat plenty of somtan, Paul!

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Wednesday 19th November 2014

An Elephant Trek in South East Asia.

We touched down in SE Asia again and decided to go on an elephant trek to blow the jetlag cobwebs off. It certainly did that – apologies now for the expletives and bad language contained in this video, it was a pretty hair raising experience but well worth while. Paul!

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Thursday 20th November 2014

Island Hopping.

The hotel appears to be running smoothly so we decided to charter a private yacht and visit the islands. Luckily the wet weather seemed to hold off and we had a great day on the beach. Paul!

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Saturday 22nd November 2014

Swimming in Crystal Clear Water.

I chartered a speedboat today to take us swimming. All went swimmingly until I mentioned the word ‘shark’. Then she totally freaked out, Women huh. Paul!

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Sunday 23rd November 2014

Dinner at the Dinosaur Bar & Grill.

We had dinner here last night and it was superb. It’s a themed restaurant and all the waitresses wear stone age costumes plus there’s tons of waterfalls and streams with Koi, the service was impeccable. You can find it on the main avenue leading into Kata Noi. Well worth visiting, Paul!

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