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Samsung SyncMaster 820DXn-2  82″ LCD flat panel display  £39,999.00

Having originally considered the Syncmaster 700dx-2 at not an unreasonable price of £7,601.04 I decided to have a root down the back of the sofa to see what I could scrape together. Having not checked for at least seventeen and a half years you can imagine my pleasant surprise at finding £82,718.46 in small change! I know what you’re thinking; that’s just over £12.95 a day, in small change, for nigh on two decades! Anyhow, I digress, what else could I possibly do but make the most of my new-found wealth and buy the most expensive hunk of a Samsung TV that I could find? Thus I arrived at the 700’s big brother, the imaginatively named 820dxn-2. With this beast you get not just an extra 12 inches of screen but also the latest ‘N-suffix viewing experience’. How could you say no? I couldn’t and nor should you!

Sharp LC-80UQ £5,139.00

This brand new Sharp Smart LED TV combines elegance, quality craftmanship and fantastic advances in modern technology, making this a very desirable TV! With a staggering 80 inch screen this TV is completely absorbing! With Yamaha enhanced speakers and a 15W subwoofer the audio clarity and authenticity will add to the cinema style experience. Quattron Pro technology creates a picture with 2.5 times as many sub-pixels as standard HD, creating a higher than full HD resolution.

Teufel System 10 THX Ultra 2 £6,799.99

System 10 THX Ultra 2TM Certified “Cinema 5.1” The THX Ultra2 Certified System 10’s amazing tone quality is coupled with a minimalist design. Brushed aluminium elements create an interesting contrast to the black high glass finish. The flat membrane on the front loudspeaker creates a restrained and elegant appearance. Precise sound for the front and rear. The front speakers, with their two woofers, midrange driver and super tweeter precisely deliver frequencies from 80 – 22000 Hz. Superb!

Optoma HDMI Portable Projector £12,500.00

This immensely powerful projector gives you the freedom to do business anywhere. It is so compact and lightweight that you can slip it into your travel bag and at the touch of a button you can instantly share your business ideas; present PowerPoint slides, show video, discuss business ideas by connecting your netbook or laptop, iPhone or Blackberry Presenter, digital camcorder and more via the convenient Mini HDMI, VGA and AV inputs. One word – cool!

LG 84LM960V 3D Ultra HD 84″ LED TV  £19,749.99

If it wasn’t for Wonga lending me £20k at a very reasonable interest rate of 16000% I would never have been able to buy this magnificent TV for the bedroom.

The fact that my repayments have wracked up faster than the national debt is a mere detail!

65″ Black Weatherproof LCD Display £16,810.29

AQLH65 AquaLite outdoor weatherproof displays are available as standard in five sizes; 32” 42″ 55″ & 65″ with larger sizes made to order. All screens are Full HD 1080P and top of the range LED backlit screens offer more than double the brightness capability of your average LCD TV at home. Whether you wish to display TV or disseminate general information you can rest assured that the AquaLit delivers.

Wharfedale Diamond 10.MT Speakers £37,695.00

The Wharfedale Diamond 10.MT speakers are designed to work as front or rear speakers in the Diamond 10 Style AV home cinema system. Mix and match with other Style AV components to get the ideal setup for your room.

Apart Concept 1 Stereo Amplifier Integrated for Professionals £140,038.22

For a long time installers worldwide have been looking for a professional integrated amplifier for use in commercial environments boardrooms or small businesses. An affordable professional unit designed for 24/7 operation.Their search arises from the fact that many small business owners often frown upon professional sound systems. They consider a traditional combination of pre-amplifier – amplifier – source too cumbersome and fear it will burden their budget. All too often the result is a consumer minisystem somewhere behind a store counter. As an answer this, AP.art has introduced Concept 1: An affordable pro use stereo integrated amplifier.

Crystal Acoustics T2-7.2-UL Home Theater system with THX  £2099.00

In my time, I have owned some monstrous speakers. Some of the largest and most luxurious have been these dipole speaker systems. This system definitely packs a punch and can certainly annoy your neighbours, even if you live on a huge country estate.

Wharfedale Vardus Vr400 Speakers £246.00

The Wharfedale VR-400 floor standing speakers are the top of the Vardus range and feature three 150mm elliptical polymer woofers for huge, punchy bass; and a 25mm textile soft dome tweeter for the crispest top end.

Denon AVR-X2000 Intergrated Amplifier £1699.00

The AVR-X2000 owns a discretely constructed 7 channel amplifier delivering 150 W per channel for blasting your sounds. The power amp lets you enjoy surround sound in a new dimension. A comprehensive network feature range including AirPlay and Spotify plus a 4k and 3D video capability on board are only some of the reasons which make it the perfect solution to enjoy every sound, every source, every moment. All can be controlled nicely by the Denon Remote application for iOS or Android devices, handy when you’re in bed!

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II  £249.95

Now for something more portable. Bose, as usual, doesn’t disappoint. This mobile speaker has amazing sound range, volume, bass and treble. I find it particularly helpful to bring it on holiday and it’s great for playing music not only in the hotel room but also out on the balcony. If you’re looking for a top of the range travel sound system, then don’t hesitate. Buy it now and begin enjoying incredible sound quality, wherever you are in the world!

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